About Us


Founded on May 25, 2019, this Grand in style yet intimate, warm and welcoming, Executive Hotel D’Azur elegant design is inspired by the classic boutique concept, French culture and modern architecture. The Hotel D’Azur carries on the high service and high design tradition of this growing boutique hotel group. Superbly located for shopping, dining, recreation, travel, theater, art and culture in the center of Port Harcourt. It recaptures the luxurious spirit of a bygone age, with a much-praised, personal style of service of a classic contemporary luxury boutique hotel that gives you a grandeur feeling of modern world elegance and charm coupled with impeccable service.

From the moment guests step into the hotel lobby, the custom “state of the art” inspired pattern and marble tiled floors with polished gold hand painted Venetian plaster walls will bring to mind such iconic feeling of royalty. This is the only new hotel in Port Harcourt which pays homage to the original boutique style hotel of Europe, but finished with modern architectural fixtures and furniture pieces. Classic contemporary, the spirit of the space, like the hotel itself, can be summarized as a sense of casual elegance combined with informal glamour.